Bagging Plant / Hopper

Mobile Vacuum Unit

The Mobile Vacuum suction unit meets the high demands from the industry due to its efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance giving excellent performance. The vacuum unit is a mobile suction unit mounted onto the back of a 7.5t lorry, its especially designed for dust free filling directly into a bag via a valve connection.

  • Mobile suction unit for public road transport
  • Dust free filling into bags
  • Filter system, for dry and wet material
  • Powered by a diesel engine
  • Telescopic adjustable legs for flexible dust discharge

More and more applications require a fast and safe handling of dust that has to be taken care of. Also regulations regarding dust exposure for personnel operating vacuum units are getting more rigid in most countries. The unit meets these demands, easy to move from one site to the next, access into narrow areas, easy handling dust free filling direct into the bag, high capacity using roots pump, low noise level due to the sound insulated housing.


Vacuumed material is transported via a flexible hose to the hopper bin inlet, where all heavier particles fall by gravity to the bottom of the conical hopper bin. A specially designed wear inlet ensures reliable operation. The hopper compartment is emptied through either a manually operated slide valve, or an optional hydraulically operated valve. Under the valve a flange connection is mounted for dust free discharge of material directly into a 1 tonne bag. The unit can also operate as a central vacuum cleaning unit connected to a fixed pipe network.