Case Study

The initial request was to provide a CCTV drain survey for the client to establish the location of blockage.

The void in question is larger than expected, the excavation is currently 12 feet long x 8 feet wide and the depth is currently 15 feet with a further 5 feet to excavate to locate the pipe work in question. There was also a large pile of spoil from the excavation located on the right hand side of the void which needs to be moved, as this is adding weight to side walls and restricting access for further digging. Heras fencing was then constructed around the area in question to make the area safe due to the void being so deep.

The current void was shaped like an egg, this needed to be cut back to make the area more oblong shape in order for the internal structure to be shored using steel bracing and plates. A confined space team then proceed with the CCTV drain survey to find out exactly what is causing the blockage. From the CCTV survey we established that quite a few large rocks had entered the inlet pipe, these were removed to allow the water to flow through accordingly.

The client was impressed with the works completed and requested ESS to install a new concrete manhole 22 feet deep, the area has now been backfilled using the spoil from the excavation and the project has now been signed off.

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